Activities Rates


Single50 AED70 AED
Single – Member Guest35 AED55 AED
Couple130 AED180 AED
Couple – Member Guests90 AED120 AED


Visitor80 AED (6am-4pm)
130 AED (5pm-9pm)
80 AED (6am-4pm)
160 AED (5pm-9pm)
Member Guest35 AED35 AED

*All prices are per hour and per court

Aqua Gym

  • Classes: 500 AED (expires 60 days after first class)
  • Single Drop In: 50 AED (expires on day of purchase)

Personal Training

1 Lesson6 Lessons
Private280 AED1,200 AED
Semi Private (1-3)180 AED900 AED
Group (4-6)120 AED600 AED

Kick Boxing

  • Classes are running on Sundays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm.

  • 10 Sessions: 500 AED