The game of Golf is experiencing a boom, with more and more people discovering the excitement of a day at the Golf Course. New facilities that offer clients affordable access to play the game are being constructed throughout Abu Dhabi and the UAE.“With 4 large Golf Facilities in Abu Dhabi, there are still people who do not know about the great Game of Golf - the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club is changing this. Our Mission Statement is ‘Growing the Game’ and our Club’s Tag Line is ‘The People’s Golf Club”We have built a reputation for offering the highest level of expertise and service within the local golf. Our added value is our intimate knowledge of the golf market and applying this to the benefit of all our guests 

Pro's Tip

Lining up the right way with Head Pro Steve Johns

The People's Golf Course

Genral Manager Rhian Lobo gives an outline of a remarkable Golf Club located in the heart of Abu Dhabi