Our Mission

To make golf accessible to our members and guests by providing an open-minded and welcoming approach to experienced players and beginners alike.

To support and sustain the differentiated goals of ardent practice, a relaxing round or a competitive challenge.

Our Vision

To drive and support the growth of golf by providing the people of Abu Dhabi with the opportunity to participate in a lifetime sport that promotes physical and emotional well being for all ages.

Our Values

  • To provide a well established set-up of golf and recreational facilities in the heart of Abu Dhabi.
  • To be fully committed to provide approachable access to these facilities at most competitive rates and quality service standards.
  • To ensure that the standard of product and service is regularly maintained whilst being cost-conscious and protecting the owner’s assets.
  • To add value to the local tourist and resident environment, by providing a unique training set-up and the opportunity of Night Golf to visitors and members alike.
  • To focus on the development of the next generation of Golfers with a well recognized Junior Golf Program.