Junior Academy

ADCGC Junior Golf Academy

8 active months of coaching with you!

Multiple steps of improvement were made in the structure of our Junior Coaching by introducing the Young Masters Golf Scheme, which is regarded as the leading Junior Development Program around the world today.

Each student receives a YMG pack, which contains all of the lessons notes, and revision guides for each 8-week session ahead of you. All areas of the game of Golf will be covered – Long Game, Short Game, Rules, Etiquette and even Diet and Fitness suggestions. As usual, we also will be holding Junior Golf Tournaments on a monthly basis, enabling you to practice your skills on our Golf Course.

From our point of view, to ensure the best combination of learning and fun, a few simple rules should be respected:

  • Please ensure to arrive on time for your class.
  • Junior Golf attendees (Students) must have their YMG pack with them at each class.
  • Payment is due at the first lesson of each session (failure to do so, may result in the student not receiving the YMG packs, missing tournaments or even being expelled).
  • Students are requested to wear their Golf Shirts during each class and/or tournament.
  • With the payment, the student is entitled to a space in his/her allocated group for 8 weeks – not necessarily 8 lessons.
  • Please ensure that the student attends each class. “catch-up” lessons will be given only in exceptional circumstances. Prior notice of non-attendance is mandatory, in order to enable the student to be entitled to catch-up lessons.

Entry into our monthly tournaments is granted ONLY by our PGA Professionals. The following factors are taken into consideration, when deciding which students will enter:

  • Attendance and behavior in class
  • Ability to play
  • On time payment
  • Adherence to dress code

For inquiries about the Junior Program or to sign up for the upcoming season, please contact Abu Dhabi City Golf Academy at academy@adcitygolf.ae.